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Legal Specialties for Children and Adults with Disabilities and Their Families

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Publications and other resource material for families and professionals.

Robert H. Farley, Jr. writes and publishes on disability and disability law regularly. Below is a sampling of currently available articles and publications.

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Workshops, Seminars and Presentations

Robert H. Farley, Jr. is available to speak to parents groups, organizations, and agencies on a wide variety of issues related to disability advocacy and disability services. Popular topics include:

  • Adult Services for Developmentally Disabled Persons
  • Waiting List for Services: Fact or Fiction

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Farley's presentation, Obtaining Funding or Services for Children & Adults with DD in the State of Illinois.

Robert H. Farley, Jr.

Robert H. Farley, Jr., a graduate of the Northwestern University School of Law, has been providing legal representation to individuals with disabilities and their families for over twenty years in support of the rights, entitlements to adult and children's services, special education, the development of customized estate plans and special needs trusts, guardianship, and public benefits.

Mr. Farley's law practice deals with both simple and routine matters as well as complex legal issues. Mr. Farley has argued numerous cases before the Illinois Supreme Court and before the Federal District and United States Court of Appeals. He was the lead attorney in the precedent-setting case in the State of Illinois where the United States Court of Appeals held that Mr. Farley's developmentally disabled clients were entitled to sue the State of Illinois under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to receive services in the least restrictive setting.

In one case, Mr. Farley successfully obtained funding from the State of Illinois on behalf of 13 developmentally disabled adults to receive community based services (group home and day programming). This group of individuals had been initially denied funding by the State because the State did not consider them to be either an emergency or a priority for funding. The net effect of successfully obtaining funding for these individuals will result in funding for these individuals over their lifetime in the millions of dollars. Mr. Farley's legal position is that under the ADA, all developmentally disabled children and adults are entitled to funding from the State of Illinois to address their disability, irrespective of any State's policy to deny funding because they are not considered an emergency or a priority.

Mr. Farley caused the State of Illinois to lift their "moratorium" on an out of State residential placement for a child. He has caused a School District to change their Early Childhood Program as the result of successfully filing a formal complaint against the School District before the Illinois State Board of Education. He has caused a School District to provide a 10 week, all day Summer School program for a disabled child.

Mr. Farley is also the recipient of the Arc of Illinois' President's Award for Outstanding Legal Advocacy on Behalf of People with Developmental Disabilities, and the Award for Extraordinary Dedication and Tireless Work for Quality Life Choices for All People with Disabilities from Advocates United.

Mr. Farley speaks and writes frequently on the topics of disability, disability rights and responsibilities under the law, and advocacy for children and adults with disabilities.