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Legal Specialties for Children and Adults with Disabilities and Their Families

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Publications and other resource material for families and professionals.

Robert H. Farley, Jr. writes and publishes on disability and disability law regularly. Below is a sampling of currently available articles and publications.

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Publications and articles are available for reprint by not-for-profit agencies and parents groups; please see reprint requirements on our publications page.

Workshops, Seminars and Presentations

Robert H. Farley, Jr. is available to speak to parents groups, organizations, and agencies on a wide variety of issues related to disability advocacy and disability services. Popular topics include:

  • Adult Services for Developmentally Disabled Persons
  • Waiting List for Services: Fact or Fiction

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video snaphot of Mr. Farley speaking

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Farley's presentation, Obtaining Funding or Services for Children & Adults with DD in the State of Illinois.

Public Benefits for People with Disabilities

SSI is a federally-financed and administered, needs-based program, guaranteeing a national minimum income level for the aged, blind, and disabled with limited income and resources. Individuals with developmental disabilities should apply for SSI when they turn 18, as most will satisfy the tests for limited income and resources because after 18, the income of his or her parents is not considered in the benefit determination.

Several factors affect the amount of SSI benefits paid, including the individual’s living arrangements, resources and assets, and whether those resources and assets are held by the individual or in trust.

Legal advice may be necessary to maximize SSI benefits and to ensure that resources and assets are protected and not counted in the benefit determination.

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